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Wood Products
The production of dozens of Hasan Kulu alternative wood product »
Plywood construction and mold industry, brings convenience and savings! »
Laminate Flooring
Spaces, aesthetics and elegance that adds six different brands, hundreds of alternative »
Space and allows you to change the aesthetic and the economical OSB »
     Wood Decoration
Arcs, recreational facilities, villas and vacation resorts and as well as for sauna to kennel all kinds of wooden decorations and the environmental regulations are designed. In addition, restoration of the mosque and on the new construction in adherence to aesthetics of wood works are carried out skillfully. The various arrangements and products, please refer to the detailed photos of photo gallery.
Arbor pergola
Standard or according to the order various camellia models, wooden sofa sets, wooden decoration materials and for the exhibition grounds stands are manufactured and applicated.

Three classes of various sizes of paneling produced with imported trees and dried pine. Paneling are produced by technological machines with isolation cord or without isolation cord.

Front board and fringe dangling
Front board with 15-18-21 cm widths with the edge motifs used in the facade of the building and also used in the exterior of roof eaves dangling end of the board are produced and sold.

Sauna decoration
According to the project, moisture resistant special woods are produced and assembled.
Imported and domestic timber
Domestic standard sizes of 1-2-3rd grade of types red pine, scotch pine, larch, fir of timber provided from forest enterprises and development co-operative are for sell.

Imported from siberia, ukraine and africa we have a variety of exotic trees.
Construction Lumber
With threes red pine, larch and fir, construction timber, slitting, pillar, erecting, mold board, roofing board and all the necessary timber for the building from foundation to roof are produced with digital whipsaw and clear measure of the desired size.

The majority of the needs of the region and timber contractors throughout turkey are covered by our company and also exported to abroad.
Planks made of dried trees first seconde and extra quality to the desired width for floorboards are produced.

Woodworking lumber is produced from imported logs red pine, black pine and is offered to carpenters and furnisher like lath or log.

Baked solid lath parquet is produced from pine, hornbeam and oak at the desired width and three quality with zero knots, knotty and gnarled.
There are our special three classes of production, stone cut special baked, bonded short sizes and the head opened
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