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Wood Products
The production of dozens of Hasan Kulu alternative wood product »

Plywood construction and mold industry, brings convenience and savings! »

Laminate Flooring
Spaces, aesthetics and elegance that adds six different brands, hundreds of alternative »

Space and allows you to change the aesthetic and the economical OSB »


Briefly, we can say dried and sized standard timber. But compared with other timbers it has a the strength properties of structure. Because osb placed in a special oven sequences and moisture was reduced in a controlled atmosphere with an electronic moisture meter, resized with programmed fully automatic machines. It is extremely resistant to water and moisture. Can be easily used in wood everywhere.
Test Values
Test subject Result values
Density 650 Kg/m³
Fracture resistance 22 N/mm²
Tensile strength 0.65 N/mm²
Swelling in water % 11.5
     Used areas
» under the shingle roofing, it is the one that can be used.
» under the facework siding.
» furniture manufacturing.
» as carpentry or construction formwork.
» decorative base and coating.
» advertising panel and totem manufacturing.
» prefabricated building construction.
» pallet construction.
» car safe construction.
» boat and pier construction.
» as floor coverings and flooring below.
» industrial packaging manufacturing.
» doors, shelves, drawers, cabinet making.
     Technical Specifications
» osb wood building panels 9 mm 1220 x 2440.
» wood building panels osb 11 mm 1220 x 2440.
» wood building panels osb 15 mm 1220 x 2440.
» wood building panels osb 18 mm 1220 x 2440.
» osb wood building panels 22 mm 1220 x 2440.
» view all sizes thickness measurements 1830-2440 and 1830-1220, domestic and imported varieties are available.
     User Advantages
» about 3 m2 plates makes it easy to work.
» easy to carry and transport.
»  improves the security of building.
» it is decorative, floor and ceiling finish is suitable
» to moisture, insects and mildew resistant.
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