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Wood Products
The production of dozens of Hasan Kulu alternative wood product »
Plywood construction and mold industry, brings convenience and savings! »
Laminate Flooring
Spaces, aesthetics and elegance that adds six different brands, hundreds of alternative »
Space and allows you to change the aesthetic and the economical OSB »
Decor papers benefiting from the ability to absorb resin impregnated with melamine formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde, it is a surface coating material obtained by pressing at the appropriate temperature and pressure. With various colors and designs it has aesthetics, affordability and ease of use as well as being hygienic and various design and construction, it is used extensively for all kinds of furniture.

What are the advantages of laminate?
It is very resistant to impact.
Resistant to moisture.
Does not contain carcinogenic substances.
Provides sound and heat insulation.
Resistant to cigarette burns.
Resistant to acids and bases.
Color doesn’t change
Resistant to cracking, scratch and abrasion
It is hygienic and easy to work

High-pressure Laminate (hpl)

Under the temperature of 170 degrees 60-90 minutes with about 100-120 kg/cm2 pressure on the multi-storey presse pressed and obtained. This is due to the temperature and pressure that tight tissue and bacteria-repellent property is obtained.

Product Informations
Decorative melamine coating (aluminum oxide transparent film) hdf coated by the thermal lamination way and is now one of the most hard surface coatings.
Chemically saturated melamine layer prevents fading and keeps its color even changing perspectives and circumstances.
Embossed semi-matte polish gives the appearance of real wood.
High density hdf base material, with the highest density ever produced 900 kg/m3 is resistant toshock and moisture.
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